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The footage he recorded was shocking; the video, which went viral, showed the 22-year-old nanny beating, kicking and stomping on the toddler.Dr Thoraiya says if you suspect your nanny is in any way abusive it’s important to inform the police immediately.Dubai seems to be designed to be viewed from the air and the Seaplane is just at a perfect altitude to see Dubai at it's best.We had a fabulous time, the trip is a little expensive however it's well worth doing - a real treat!!“Being treated badly can affect nannies and – just like you or I – they suffer from anxiety and depression, and can develop low self-esteem.Some may also become aggressive and take their frustration out on the children of the employer.By providing an open, non-judgemental, and non-punitive environment at home, both nanny and parents will feel comfortable addressing topics with each other.”Life Works’ Moussa agrees and adds that treating your nanny with respect is not just for the benefit of a happy home environment, but also for the benefit of your child’s ability to communicate and get on with people later in life.

Psychological studies now prove that, aside from everyday feelings of safety and security, the bond between a child and his or her caregiver can transform the way that child views the world.“The relationship children form with their nannies provides them with a sense of security and safety when their primary attachment figures – meaning their parents – are not available, so it’s really important for the nannies to adopt a calm, positive, and relaxed manner with the child they’re looking after,” Mona Moussa, personal development trainer at Life Works in Dubai explains.The entire crew was very helpful and caring, the best and perfect view of all these skyscrapers from the air is the seaplane. I was visiting Dubai with a friend to celebrate my 50th birthday, as a treat we booked the Silver experience flight over Dubai.What a wonderful experience - the staff are very friendly and helpful, everybody in the plane has a great view as every seat has a window and we viewed all the major sights from several different directions so all passengers had a fabulous experience.Most importantly, say the experts, keeping an open line of communication between you and your nanny is vital for a healthy relationship and for your children, as it will teach them to treat domestic helpers with respect, laying the groundwork for all of their relationships in the future.Dr Thoraiya advises, “Parents can nurture the relationship they have with their child’s nanny by checking in regularly with her to see what needs to be improved on both sides of the relationship.

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She was very caring; it was she who instilled a sense of discipline in us; she was the one who read bedtime stories to us; she was the one who taught us English.” Rawan said that both her parents had hectic work schedules and “so we were left in our nanny’s care most of the time at that formative, impressionable age, and so everything good that she did for us remained deep within.”Armed with her ex-nanny’s name and the letter, Rawan searched the internet and – after three years of on-and-off hunting – found Ning in Quezon Province in Philippines.

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